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The TWF Horse Racing Thread


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Nov 26, 2009
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There appears to be a few posters on here who are interested in racing, so we might as well have a thread dedicated to it!

So, any decent tips should from now on should be placed in here.

I'll start off with La Collina in the 1000 Guineas on Sunday. Great E/W shout at 16/1.
Nice one Nando, I'll pop a fiver each way at that price. Your record on the Cheltenham thread was good as I recall....
I had a good end to the first day and a good start to the second day that made up for a pretty poor festival. Still made a profit though.
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I'm going with Trumpet Major for the 2000 Guineas. I've just seen that Moonstone Magic has been supplemented for the 1000, so that would be my tip. I think she's the only winner I've picked on the flat this season. Romped home at Newbury last week. I'm going on Sunday, really looking forward to it.
In other news, the update on the RacingPost website is an absolute mess.
I'll definitely post on here regularly about all sorts not just tips. I follow horse racing every day and take more than a passsing interest although the tipping comps for Cheltenham and Aintree wouldn't indicate that but i had a terrible NH record this year overall and was glad to see the flat return even with soft ground. Not got any selections for either the 1000 or 2000 guineas yet but it's definitely looking like it will be soft ground which won't suit a lot of runners so it could be tough.

Oh and yes Nando the updates they have done over the last few weeks on the racing post are terrible but this new racing live thing just tops it off.
I'm more of a NH follower than the flat, so I'd take any of my selections with a pinch of salt,

This racing live currently shows no news whatsoever, until 7 AM. Farcical.

Back to NH, Sprinter Sacre looks like he might have a tiny bit of competition for the Champions Chase next year, Sanctuaire was electric on Saturday.
I'm defnitely the opposite, i love NH racing but the flat will always edge it because i like to look at pedigrees and such like and it's much easier to do.

Yes this racing live looks all over the place but i suppose i'll get used to it and maybe in time like it.

Sanctuaire is a horse i can't get my head around, he looked to be going places when beating Grands Crus and then at the festival in 2010 but never really progressed from there over hurdles however his 3 runs over fences couldn't have been more impressive especially on Saturday.
I've never been a great fan of the Racing Post website. My regular haunts are Sporting Life and Sky. I also follow flat racing more keenly than National Hunt, Newmarket is just down the road for me, though I did better over the jumps last winter than ever. The soft ground and abandonments mean the flat season hasn't got going for me yet. As I said earlier I've hardly picked a winner yet.
It seems that the ground will be good to soft for the 2000 guineas tomorrow and i think i'm going to go with Abtaal who impressed me in France last year and whos first run this year was encouraging, at 7/1 he's a bit short now but i think he will be there at the finish. As for the 1000 Gunieas i'm gonig to stick with Lyric of Light who i backed every run last year.
I'm on Power at 14/1 for the 2000 and La Collina at 16/1 for the 1000.
Any thoughts on Boomerang Bob as an outside choice at 100/1?
Any thoughts on Boomerang Bob as an outside choice at 100/1?

Have you ever seen a poor bookie? 100/1 for a reason. A horse that price might win a seller at Fakenham, but not a classic.
I'm not saying he's going to win, but he's worth a small outlay on SkyBet who are four places.
I'd be surprised if Boomerang Bob finishes in the first 5 or 6, he's a good horse but looks to be well out of his league running in the Guineas. There is generally a horse that outruns his price though, last year Dubawi Gold was 2nd at 33/1 and Slim Shadey finished 4th at 200/1, then the year before that Makfi won at 33/1.
Lovely jubbly Tullius!
Thoroughly disappointing from Power!

Off to Salisbury tomorrow with my winnings from Tullius.
Thoroughly disappointing from Power!

Off to Salisbury tomorrow with my winnings from Tullius.

Was a very poor run from Power, i was disappointed with Abtaal's run aswell considering the 1st and 3rd from the race he finished 2nd in last time finished 2nd and 3rd today. I think Camelot is a bit special though, he really shouldn't be winning a group 1 over a mile with his pedigree and that bodes well for the Derby and maybe the Leger.

Good luck at Salisbury, i think you're going to need it with the heavy ground but after having a quick look i might give Richard Hughes mounts there some consideration.