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v Norwich (1/10/16) Build Up Thread - Back on Sky after a short break


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Aug 10, 2011
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Did those budgies disturb the owl-wolf having a shit?
I'm looking forward to finally seeing us in action this season, really hope Bod is fit. Would bring Coady in for Edwards and maybe bring CBJ back although sounds like the fullbacks were ok yesterday.
Should have been a Wolf eating a Jez Pie really....
Coming up for this one & looking for a response to Tuesday

Silvio - Iorfa - Batth - CBJ
Saiss - Prince
Costa - Mason - Cavaleiro

Subs - Lonergan, Doherty, Hause, Coady, Edwards, Dicko, John

Hopefully Iorfa & Batth have got this weeks error out of the way & Saiss decides to keep his mouth shut so avoiding a 4th yellow in his first 4 games

Only my second game this season - looking forward to this, so seeing what it is costing me they better not disappoint.

A scoreline the same as the last time we played them at home in the Championship will do for me
Mostly the same team as Newcastle/Brentford for me, think thats our strongest line-up with our current players, wouldn't worry me if Coady came in for Edwards, as for defence, not sure it would make much difference which 2 from Stears/Baath/Iorfa in the centre and as I've not seen Silvio, dunno if he's an upgrade on Doc, CBJ nees to be better than he was Saturday.
Highlights of Norwich's game at Newcastle last night

They look as prone to a long ball over the top in between the CH's with a forward running past them as Batth & Iorfa were on Tuesday - reading their forum they seem to acknowledge that Saturday will be difficult & that many are far from happy with their defense - so we need to get at them & give them something to worry about
I'd go for -





Bench - Lonergan, Stears, Doherty, Edwards/Price, Cav, John, Dicko
Tim II said the midfield looked leggy on Tues so I expect at least 1 change there, Bod to come back in and hopefully the full backs swap sides.
I'd go for the same team as Jinky.
Reading the Norwich forums is as enlightening as ours

A number reckoning they will lose (especially if Bassong plays in defence - and we know what he can bring to the table) & some expecting to win easily

I will be more than happy with the same result the last time we played them at this level (1st game in 2014/15) 1 - 0 to us with (I think) a Dave Edwards header late on
Last time we played them they beat us 2-0 at Carrow Road.
As its a Saturday game, we will play our first team...

We made 2 changes on Tuesday. 1 due to an injury and 1 due to a poor performance in the previous game. Hardly mass rotation for that game was it

Also, changes on the bench were due to injury (Mason & Hause)