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Wolves 1-0 Reading: The Verdict

Deutsch Wolf

aka Dawn
Oct 16, 2009
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You know how sometimes you lose a game and walk away saying 'well, there were a lot of positives'? Well that was the exact opposite. The ONLY positive thing there was the score line. Daylight robbery.

Chief amongst the negatives:

- The manager, terrible selection and subs again. Anyone justifying by saying we won is kidding themselves. Jokeshop stuff.

- Complete lack of football on our part

- EEL, comically out of his depth

- Doherty, I cannot express how much I loathe this useless, useless bastard. Terrible body language, no positional sense, pace of a lethargic slug, boots made out of sticklebricks

- Conor Coady, waste of £2m. Teams just play through us, he's supposed to break up play. Worse than Evans who cost £100k and is on loan in L1

- Our bombscare keeper who nearly threw another one in

- Edwards, pathetic excuse for a footballer, complete waste of a shirt

Jackett Out.
I agree with most of that, but I thought Coady was ok, as was EEL.

Just an awfully tactically inept game.
Had enough. Completely had enough. This soporific shite masquerading as entertainment isn't worth the cost of the ticket. Sick to fucking death of pitching up at Molineux hoping for some form of a spark and being totally let down.

Just fuck off Jackett.
And here's the summary of our 2nd half performance.... (won't take long...)

89:10 Wolves only 2nd half attempt on goal comes in the 89th minute.... and is missed. Benik Afobe (Wolverhampton Wanderers) right footed shot from outside the box is close, but misses the top right corner. Assisted by Dave Edwards following a fast break.
Booking Dominic Iorfa (Wolverhampton Wanderers) is shown the yellow card.

45:00 Second Half begins Wolverhampton Wanderers 1, Reading 0.

3 points, but a shocking performance, almost matched by Reading's goalless, inept showing of.. 60% possession, 24 attempts and nothing to show for it.

Awful game.
Woeful game. Seriously poor.
A point would have been a fair result as we were worse than shit in the 2nd half. The only reason we've won that is because Reading managed to be even shitter.
Awful from front to back, though special mention to our defence, which resembled a bunch of Hexbugs.
Erm..... There's a 10% ale down the local. And we somehow won. Positives over.

I can't think of a MOTM. Maybe anyone who actually bothered to go to the game because the players were bloody clueless.

It's one of those games when the result *should* matter, but the manner of the performance means that I'm finding the result pretty meaningless.

We were absolutely dreadful.
Awful team selection, awful tactics, awful management, good scoreline but it's not making me feel any less angry. Unfortunately it looks like we're stuck with Jackett but I just want him gone.
I'm not sure I can really give a proper verdict for this game as I was watching on my laptop. Nothing wrong with the 'river' mind you, it's just that my sister was watching the Paul Potts film on C5 in the same room and I found myself more interested in that.
Battered 13 attempts to 1 in the second half. That really should be the game that seals Jackett's dismissal - anyone who thinks it heralds wolves "turning the corner" should get themselves to A&E before it gets busy. It Reading hadn't dicked around so much could easily have been 1-5 or 1-6. If Wolves are around 20/1 to be relegated when i look in the morning I'm going to have serious bet.
That was terrible. Glad we got 3 points but the football... good job it's Boxing Day and I've had enough alcohol to soften that nonsense.

Jackett OUT!!!
Awful performance. No coherence to our play at all.

Positives - Graham, throwing himself to the floor aside. Byrne showed enough again in his brief stint why he should be starting.

Very occasionally we had short passages of really good play. Sadly these were merely only 3-4 passes in length, and were 20+ minutes apart.
Don't think I've ever felt more negativity about a win.
I know it's been done to death, but I wanted to point a few examples of why Matt Doherty belongs back in the League of Ireland.

67th min: ball gets played in to the area for Matt and Gunter to chase, 60/40 to Matt in terms of winning it, he's got half a yard on Gunter, the ball just needs to be cleared, as he gets to it, he pulls out of clearing it and actually allows Gunter to win it. Shocking shirking of responsibilities and could have cost us.

78th min. Bit of a scramble at the D, 3 Wolves defenders come to challenge Robson-Kanu and Doherty actually turns his back on him, their guy wan't even lining up a shot, just had the ball at his feet and Doherty turns around to face the South Bank. Absolutely shocking stuff, worse than the shit I used to see on the playground when playing football in Primary School.

And his clearances........ how many times did he fail to kick the ball more than 10 yards to surrender possession? His heading is also shit, he just closes his eyes and jumps.

I don't always agree with Deutsch's exaggerations of how bad players sometimes are, but in this case he is spot on. Doherty should be wearing a balaclava because he is stealing a living from Wolves, he is worse than shit.
Predicted KenCrap in a few minutes; "I thought we bossed the game in the first have. Could have gone two up with the penalty. In the second half we restricted them to long range efforts and defended as a unit. We didn't allow ourselves to be out-powered and overall i thought we played well."
I thought Coady did ok, its just that McDonald is a lazy, slow waste of space when we are playing poorly or under pressure.
Forst half was better than of late but second half...oh dear, how do we manage to make workmanlike teams look like Barcelona, when we did get the ball of em we manged to lose immediately and the number of simple, simple passes that went a stray had me climbing the walls with frustration. Yes the selection wasn't what I would have liked but I'm beginning to think that 90% of our players are no where near as good as we thought
1st half doesn't count then?

Jackett's been sold so far down the river by Thelwell that we're forced to name a team with only one defensive sub on the bench. He's in a situation where he had to name his best defensive/midfield line-up and hope it holds for a full 90 minutes. We got away with it today, no doubt. Not Kenny's fault, mind you.