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Wolves 2 Reading 0 - Verdict Thread


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Nov 5, 2009
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Go for it - sounded very positive!
Wish I'd been there, sounds like we've got an impressive front three and hopefully more players to come.
Sounded like:


Made the difference today.
Wish I'd been there, sounds like we've got an impressive front three and hopefully more players to come.

Bodvarsson, Mason and... Doherty?

By the way, not sure I heard Edward's name once in the 2nd half.
Oh and I was let down by one game on my "goals galore" coupon (both teams to score)... Can you guess which game? :icon_lol:
Sounded like a really good game, lots of positives and lots to be excited about. Tex sounds like a beast. Just watched DW's live vid on FB, and he has Bod as MoM and also praises Doherty!!!
Delighted with the win. With our start it gives us chance to build some momentum and get our newer players integrated before we come up against trickier opponents. We sound infinitely stronger with Tex and Bod and hopefully with a few more additions who can adapt as quickly who knows just what this group can achieve.
The highlights have already been uploaded to the Sky Sports Score Centre app (just in case you haven't downloaded it yet).

Tex literally involved in everything! Bod a real handful. Lovely finish by Doherty, Mason couldn't really miss his goal - but it does look like their keeper kept the scores down.

Great stuff. Well done Walt & the lads.
Absolutely ridiculous finish from Doc.
Just got back from the game.

First thoughts - Reading were abysmal.
I think Ikemi had to make one save all of the game from a fairly tame effort from the edge of the area.

From what I saw we played very well, particularly in the first half, but given the opposition, I'm struggling to get too enthused just yet.
After the second goal - 3 or 4 minutes into the second half, we seemed to sit back and take the foot off the gas.
Standout performances - Bodvarson - this boys a find! and Texeira also very impressive at times, (big assist in first goal - great goal by Doherty) but not happy with his off the ball dive in the second half - didn't he do something similar against Rotherham? also played well - Doherty & Coady. Poor performances from Saville (lightweight) and Evans(too slow).
Good free kick from Price again at the end too.
Best team performance I've seen in a long time. Tex is amazing and Bodvarsson is a battering ram that will torture defences all season long (with skill which makes him doubly dangerous).

No Wolves player deserves less than 7/10 today.
Thoroughly deserved and much better than last season. Wasn't at all surprised to see the possession stats, all Reading did was pass the ball along the back 4. They were poor.

Great the the 2 new lads were so good, Texeira got 2 assists and looks like he's going to make something happen whenever he gets it and Bodvarsson is superb, he has a lot to his game and he worked his bollocks off.
Just going on the highlights that's a world apart from last season, we looked lively, full of ideas and are getting plenty of shots away. Massive credit to Zenga because apart from two players these are the same bunch that Kenny was working with.

It'll be brilliant to see what we can do when we have Prince in the side and hopefully a handful more.
Reading fan on my Facebook 'We dominated possession and only had one shot' I told him yes indeed if ball possession in your own 18 yard box counts....