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Huddersfield (A) build up 27/8/16


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Jan 14, 2010
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All aboard the Zenga Bus!

Top of the table clash with Huddersfield Town, should be a good game. Lets sell out for this one! Brilliant away day and the lads deserve to have 4K Wolves fans cheering them on. Anyone know how many have been sold so far?


Iorfa ---- Batth ---- Hause ---- Doherty


Oniangue ----------- Saville

Wallace -----------------------------------------------Teixeira


Subs: Lonergan, Coady, Costa, Mason, Edwards, Evans, Henry
I'd probably stick with Evans over Saville, providing he's fit.

You are right, this could be a brilliant away day.
I'd probably stick with Evans over Saville, providing he's fit.

You are right, this could be a brilliant away day.

Yeah, meant to say that team was assuming Evans wouldn't be fit.

Hopefully another signing or two before Saturday as well! Borthwick-Jackson, Bjarnason or Luisao would do nicely...
First away day for me since about 1999! Can't fucking wait!!!!
After today i really want to be there but work means i can't make a lot of away games. I'll go with whatever Zenga is happy with as it seems to be working right now.
Would love to be there, but Huddersfields a long way from here & anyway I'm committed next weekend

Will really try to get to as many London/Southern away games as I can - my enthusiasm has been reactivated
You guys who've seen us play this year - do you think Tex could play as one of the midfield three in the future? Just wondering how to fit in all of Dicko, Dadi, Graham and Tex when everyone is fit
Pisser Im missing this one.... Going on Holiday at the wrong fucking time :(
You thought Price was much better than Coady yesterday? Wow.

You have to realise that they do different jobs. When Price plays, he runs the midfield and dictates play, while Coady's job is to regain lost possession and support the front men when possible.

Yesterday, I thought Price had an overall really good game with one or two average moments in the first half. He and Doherty ran well from deep and gave space to Wallace and Mason. IMO.
I hope Price keeps his place at Huddersfield. I think we look better when he is in the team.
You thought Price was much better than Coady yesterday? Wow.

Not really 'wow' unless you're into unsubstantiated hyperbole. Price moves the ball at a higher tempo and forward better than Coady and technically he's a much better player. Having said that Coady did play well and has started the season well, playing with confidence and drive, in fact him and Price with either Prince or Tex would work well IMO.

Without Price we don't equalise against Blouse and when he was off the field Blues got back into the game very quickly. Coady just doesn't have that affect on this team, even as good as he was yesterday.
It was the statement that Price was much better than Coady yesterday that stuck out like a sore thumb.

For me Coady has the potential to go much further than Price, who is a classy keep-it-simple midfielder no doubt. I think a new head coach will see some players really flourish and kick on a few levels. Coady and Wallace were massive yesterday, really drove us on and provided a tempo that Blues couldn't live with.
We will have to agree to disagree then GFFH as I think describing Price as a keep-it-simple midfielder is a little harsh as I think he's much more than that. Some of his passes forward were sublime, including the one for Mason's goal.

I do agree with you about a new head coach bring better for a lot of this team and I hope Wallace really kicks on now as he was excellent as you say.
there was also a lot more 'talking' from Price during the game - a natural leader on the pitch