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Meeting today?

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Apr 1, 2012
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Doing the rounds that Jeff has flown in and ordered staff, manager and players to Compton for a meeting
I'm guessing it will be a presentation entitled - "What the actual fuck?"
Quick Jeff get rid of Lambert and we can get Claudio in ;-)
I imagine it will be a Steve Morgan style dressing down, I am sure it will work wonders.
Well he wont have flown in - he was there on Friday.
Can you see most of our players giving a fuck about what Jeff Shi says to them? He seems too much of a placid guy to go batshit crazy at them anyway.
Hopefully it's thelwell,lambert there's a taxi outside for you,and for the players,meet Mr raineri he's your new boss,and you're all playing for your future here,whether you've just signed a contract or not.
We can all dream can't we
Have to say that handing out long term contracts to bang average players is coming back to bite us on the arse
The contracts make no sense at all surely they can't think these players will drive us to promotion?

We aren't a few players off a decent side we are 4 or 5 at least.

I can understand recruiting from the English leagues there are plenty of decent players out there if we are prepared to pay. But apparently in January we didn't need a striker and now we might be relegated. Our midfield was deemed acceptable despite not having a decent creative or box to box midfielder.

These arent views from hindsight we were all saying it before the transfer window.

We have made our bed now, I wouldn't sack Lambert he has to keep us up and another change without the ability to bring players in will do little IMO.

We are deep in the shit and deservedly so.

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Not sure Ranieri is the answer, prefer Rowett tbh

I'd take either if it can keep us up. My choice would be Warburton tbh. All 3 come with their own staff which would be a bonus as it means we can have a clean sweep.

We need it now... but it will only make a difference if Thelwell and all the backroom staff are gutted now.
Thelwell needs to go, though probably we are stuck with him until the ends of the season. Same goes for our 'coaches' - though judging by the shit we have served up over the last couple of seasons they can't actually do much.

I'd stick with Lambert for the time being, but let him bring in all his own staff. We seriously need a good DoF, can we bung hodgson a shit load of money and see if he will do it?
Warburton is a bit Mowbray II for my liking, the way he left his last two jobs should also set alarm bells ringing.

I'm not yet at the stage where I want to change the manager. I want the manager to get us to start playing some football and get rid of the worst full back pairing in 30+ years (if anyone can suggest a worse one then I'm all ears) and pick up the 10-15 points we need to put this season to bed.

The striker thing we went over the other week; a combination of clubs not letting good strikers go in the middle of the season (why would they), our FFP obligations having spent £20m on two players alone this season, scoring nearly two goals a game in Dec/Jan and our league position guaranteeing that anyone coming in knew they'd be waiting 18 months minimum for a Premier League opportunity if they came here (and there are plenty of other clubs where that might not be the case, see Nugent going to Derby for instance) means that it wasn't quite the slam-dunk that it's being portrayed as now. Not to say we couldn't have signed one but there are perfectly good reasons why we didn't. I'd rather have no-one than Jordan Hugill tbf.
I agree buying one would've been tough but loaning one that could've put goals on the board would work and be keeping us out of trouble, having said that it's difficult to make a case for any striker if you can't create chances for them.

Playing our current tactics isn't conducive to either chances or scoring and that's a bigger problem.
I agree mostly with what DW says above, not sure changing the manager would be beneficial at this stage but he really needs to stop this awful hoofball, I've nothing against long ball tactics as such, provided a) you're good at it and b) you have a plan b and the last couple of games have proved we have neither. Even with the current squad if we play to their (limited) strengths, we should have plenty to keep us up.
In hindsight the big fuck up was not getting Chris Wood in the summer.
the worst full back pairing in 30+ years (if anyone can suggest a worse one

Did Jack Robinson play left back with Doherty right back? I think he did. That has to be worse.
Paul Edwards left back, Kevin Ashley right back from the early 90's?

As I've said before defensively Coady has been pretty solid. His passing and crossing are woeful though and the formation we play relies on the full backs getting themselves and the ball into the box.
I think Marshall was signed to play fullback so it's just the other side that needs changing....oh what I wouldn't give to have Golbourne back.

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