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Wolves v Hull - the build up


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Nov 5, 2009
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Straight on to the next one then!

My team:

Ikeme; Iorfa, Stearman, Hause, Golbourne; Henry, Coady, McDonald, Ojo; Afobe, Dicko


Martinez, Doherty, EEL, Edwards, RVLP, Price, ALF

Really looking forward to this - first game in several months for me. I have missed it.
Edwards deserves to keep his place. I'd put Ojo in for Henry though on the right. Henry didn't impress me at Blackburn. His crossing in particular was woeful and he flitted in and out of the game. At home I'd rather have a bit more threat from pace and crosses.
I wasn't there obvs but I thought the consensus was that Henry played well?

I think we take the game to Hull, abandon this nonsense Rhombus and play as we did last season, which by and large was bloody successful.
opinion seemed split to me.

I think it will be the same team that started against Blackburn
Yeah I don't think he'll throw Ojo in from the start.

In the interview he did last night KJ did say he wanted more width from his players and RvlP showed what width could do (fnarr). I'm not sure he likes this narrow system at all.
The problem for Henry at Blackburn was the diamond system. He has no pace or skill to beat a man when he is that narrow. It was only when he got properly wide or came to the top of the diamond that he tried anything or got any success. He was ineffective most of the game IMO playing deep/narrow.

The other three aren't wide players so it didn't hamper them as much.

I agree with Johnny's formation btw.
I think KJ will play the same team that beat Blackburn.

It's great that Ojo, VLP, Martinez, ALF etc are putting pressure on the players who currently have the shirt.
KJ also mentioned a problem with VLP during the close season. Injury? Personal problem?
KJ said "issues". If it had been an injury problem, he would have said, leaving me to think it was a personal/attitude problem.
Hopefully this is lesson learned and Rajiv can kick on from here.
I'm expecting the same team. Edwards scored so I don't expect him to get dropped. I'm not convinced by the formation from the villa friendly that I watched but KJ was praising it after Blackburn so I doubt it'll change soon

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I would bring Ojo in for Edwards, balls to "deserving" to keeping his place, we all know it isn't going to work with him on the left of midfield.

2012/13: W 1-0 (H), L 1-2 (A)
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Can you buy on the day ?

I am down for my nieces wedding, but am not sure I'll be away form the hotel in time to get to the ground for kick off
Can you buy on the day ?

I am down for my nieces wedding, but am not sure I'll be away form the hotel in time to get to the ground for kick off

There was a tweet yesterday saying this was all ticket
While there are many differing views on Edwards, KJ seems to like him, and I think he will keep his place against Hull City.

Anyway, with Edwards playing, we will not need to name a substitute goalkeeper...
Based on everything I've read of the last 2 games I have worries over Hause, he seems to have had 2 poor games. EEL apparently wasn't much better yesterday, but has always looked decent at CH when he's played in the league so I'd pick him.

This could be the game where we get found out with the rhombus. If Edwards plays notional left midfield again I think we could get overloaded on that side with Golbourne left 2 on one. Add Marriner into the equation and a score draw is the best I think we'll get.
I had questions about Hause after yesterday but was he paired with EEL? If so that's the first time they've played together IIRC, so some slack is deserved.