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Brighton 0 - 0 Wolves Verdict Thread

Wolf Hunting

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Jan 31, 2010
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Better performance.
Iorfa had a good game but Martinez was as safe as you like. MOM in a not very stand out, somewhat pedestrian game.
Wolves 0 - Brighton 0. At last a clean sheet verdict thread

Off you go

Martinez MOTM - no real other activity to report, but at least not a loss
Good point especially considering we were playing with 10 men for 40 minutes.
Happy with a point. The commentary I was listening too made Martinez sound like motm.

Also suggested Coady sending of was a touch harsh but probably right? Anyone see the challenge who can give a view?
Only saw from just after the sending off, and we were never going to score but on the other hand our young defence kept their shape and discipline quite well, had 0-0 written all over it from a good way out.

Under the circumstances and with a man down is a respectable point.
Brighton are the in-form team, so to earn a draw against them with a ten-man team is no disgrace. However, I find the lack of shots and our shots on target ratio rather alarming. It's a real positive factor to keep a clean sheet, though.
A point against the league leaders, and we had ten men for most of the second ha of, so in the end not a bad point.
At least a clean sheet which will give a bit more confidence to the defence, but concerned that we are creating little up front even when we have 11 on the pitch. Apart from the Le Fondre clearance off the line not sure we had any other clear cut chances.

Martinez sounded very solid even without the penalty save.

Ojo seemed to contribute little, would rather see Byrne or Wallace on for a decent run - at least they are our players.
Martinez had a good game, as did the defence, apart from Golbourne who looks like a shell of a player at the moment.
Midfield were all shit. No creativity at all. Ojo has been hugely disappointing thus far. Afobe and Alf given no service and Afobe is starting to look completely disinterested.
No shots in the second half at all and precious few in the first. Boring football, too much hoofball, no invention or intelligent play.

KJ needs to sort KMac out and get him back in the team pulling the strings. There's no harmony out there at the moment, no one knows where their team mates are and no one is reading the game effectively.

Brighton are a nasty bunch. Diving, faking injury, crowding the ref. Reminded me of Bournemouth. Shitbags.

Sorry folks. Not a whole lot of positives to take from this afternoon.
I will watch it again tonight. Think he got ball first but studs up. Initial thoughts were a little unlucky but could be corrected by the tv . A clean sheet is a clean sheet and good that Martinez looked quality today as did the defence. Far more solid looking. Creatively we lacked it and were never going to do much aftyer the red but 1 shot on target does highlight our lack a creation. Only a problem if we leak goals though. Happy with a point but want to see this built on over the next 2 months please
A poor game from us in an attacking sense. Defensively we were ok, though Brighton had the best chances without a doubt.

A point is fine considering we played the entire second half with 10 men. But our attacking prowess is very poor at the minute. In the final third we don't seem to be able to link up players and Afobe is just a waste of space on his own.

We'll get dicked against Middlesbrough playing like that.



Martinez - Excellent game. Great double save on the penalty (which was rubbish though). Claimed crosses and made good strong saves - 8 MOTM

Golbourne - Looked ok until his awful mis-challenge for the penalty. That's two weeks in a row he's made poor challenges that would have both cost us goals if it wasn't for Martinez today - 5

Iorfa - Beast. Awesome going forward with the ball at his feet. Still has a tendency to leave a bit too much space in behind and all of Brighton's best play came down that side/channel in behind. Has the attributes to get back and defen well though - 7

Hause - Did ok. The occasional aimless lump forward but no worse than EEL in that respect - 6

EEL - Same as Hause really. Both had a tough game but coped ok - 6

Henry - Was involved a lot in the first half as most of our attacks came down our right. Still needs better delivery into the box though and loses the ball trying to do too much sometimes - 6

Ojo - Complete waste of a shirt today. So, timid and behind play all the time. Didn't try and beat his man once, not one decent cross, and always seems to be half asleep when we play the ball into him. Needs taking back out of the team - 4

Edwards - Does his job, which is be an all-round midfielder. Used the ball fine, did his defensive work well. Didn't get forward much today but was kept busy by Brighton's central two, especially Murphy. Anyone that slates him today is just basing tjheir opinion on their own bias and not what happens on the pitch. You can't have unrealistic expectations of what he's asked to do. He's not some Vieira/Lampard clone so don't expect him to be - 6

Coady - Good first half breaking up play. He always has those diving challenges in his game though, and today he got punished for one. I still think it was harsh to send him off for it, but if you go in like that you give the ref an option to send you off if you catch the player - 6

Afobe - What on Earth has happened to him in the last few games? He looks disinterested, and when the ball does come to him he can do nothing with it other than lay it off. Not troubling defender at all at the minute which is worrying. Starve of decent service but that's no excuse as his strike partner has the same. His one shot he put out for a throw in which summed his day up - 5

ALF - Same problems as Afobe in a lack of service but at least when he gets on the ball he gives the defender a hard time and looks to make something happen. Unlucky not to score with the one cleared off the line - 6


McDonald - Completely anonymous and out of form. His job is to create and make things happen and I can't remember him doing a single thing. Awful - 4

Byrne - Didn't see much of the ball but was at least positive and tried to beat players. Get him in for Ojo next game - 6

Doherty - Only on for 5 mins to give us an extra man at the back. No rating.
Happy with a point. The commentary I was listening too made Martinez sound like motm.

Also suggested Coady sending of was a touch harsh but probably right? Anyone see the challenge who can give a view?

He went in, I suppose he was fairly low down, but he did have both feet off the ground but only one foot went into the tackle.
Of course his studs were up, but what's he to do?
Pause in his run up and screw the fuckers out?
If you're tackling someone at speed and you're almost at full stretch, it's very difficult to put your studs under your armpits.
It wasn't a 2 footed tackle, but as I said, both feet were off the ground....
As Bear said, 'Coady is going to do that'... Yeah?
Well he sure did and off he went.

Golbourne was very nearly the most red faced player in the club today.
His half tackle was woefully mistimed so as the ball had already gone and the Brighton lad was going past, Golbourne rolled his hips and gently rolled into the player forcing him off the ball and to the turf.
If Martinez hadn't saved the somewhat non threatening spot kick, and we'd have lost 1-0, then the odioum that would descended upon Golbourne's shoulders would have been spectacular and could I suggest a great many would have been after Jackett again...
Jackett's post match comments:

Lovely day for it ..

Not much learned and another par for the course performance.

If Brighton are top of the league it infuriates me that we can't get a team together and some momentum. We have no invention and a plod mentality that leaves the best two strikers in this league clutching at straws and completely detached from the general pattern. This has to change quick.

I supposed a positive in keeping a clean sheet again at the back but Iorfa and Golbourne made few runs and any cross was easily bandied away by the Brighton lot. It's nothing and uninspiring football and we desperately need a player who can attack and create through central midfield. The two at the back, need games and they're getting them. Much improved, feel EEL needs to attack the ball more but Hause had a great game I thought. Well done those two lads.

MoM Martinez. (Says everything)

Joker Ref. Quite entertaining when he walked Henry off and apart from that the Edwards stretches before KO 2nd Half were summat else. He'll be catching flies with chop sticks soon.

Next ..............
Sounds like an improved defensive performance and we gotta be happy with a clean sheet especially with 10 men for 40 mins. Just need to up our attacking play, Wallace and Byrne in from the start? bit concerned about Afobe, out of form, disinterested or just not getting any service?
The thing that struck me watching that was how little we could actually get forward! Tried to lump balls forward only to be intercepted again and again, Wolves don't seem quite as patient as they were last season where generally they would get it to the wings and rush down before crossing into the box. Very frustrating.

That being said given the circumstances this is definitely a point gained. Not a great performance but hopefully we can build a bit of momentum!