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Southampton 0 Wolves 2 - Verdict Thread

Wolf Hunting

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Jan 31, 2010
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3-4-3 stood us well tonight and even after we went 1 up we didn't sit on it and kept going out to attack. Ronan played well as did Vinagre.
Our reserves beating a premier league team,our first team last year wouldn't have done that,well pleased
Played Stoke, Liverpool and Southampton away this year. Beat them all and with a big chunk of back up players.
Our reserves beating a premier league team,our first team last year wouldn't have done that,well pleased
Our reserves are basically last year's 1st team
Alright then I've made a mistake,how about our first team of two years ago,happy with that? I've been up since 4am and same again tomorrow,the brains starting to wobble a bit tbh
Fair play to the lads. When I saw the line ups beforehand I didn't hold out much hope for a win, so I'm delighted with that. Vinagre sounded like he played very well tonight and Ronan when he came on. Also pleased to see Marshall back, though we need to bed him in steadily (no calls for him to start ahead of Doherty at the weekend just yet, please). This Saints team had 4-5 proper first teamers in it, where as we played an entire second string.

If you'd offered us 9 points from 12 and two wins out of two in the cup before the season started, I'd imagine 95% of Wolves fans would have taken that. Cracking start from Nuno and the lads - well done.
Can anyone confirm who played deeper out of Marshall and Graham?
I can see the merits in that. Was Graham ok defensively?
I can see the merits in that. Was Graham ok defensively?

From the radio commentary, he struggled in the first half. It could have partly been down to Marshall being so rusty in front of him.
I can see the merits in that. Was Graham ok defensively?
He was poor defensively and was poor generally in the first half. He pushed further up 2nd half and was much better but I don't think he should be considered for WB in the 1st team based on tonight.

Marshall looked very rusty don't want to be too critical but he looked miles off.

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Considering it was his first game of rhe season after an injury, hard to criticise Marshall too much. He looked awful for a game or two when he first signed last season too.
Considering it was his first game of rhe season after an injury, hard to criticise Marshall too much. He looked awful for a game or two when he first signed last season too.
He was also out of position IMO he is never an IF, it's 45 mins which can only help him.

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Brilliant result and we were deserved winners overall

We started the game really bright and having looked at the highlights Dicko's misses are even worse than I thought. He also had a glorious opening where he was one on one with the keeper but miscontrolled the ball and messed it up. it's a shame because he looked right up for it but when he needed the quality it was lacking. We played some good football in the first half but towards the end we had a lot of defending and had Norris (plus some crap finishing by Southampton) to thank for not being one nil down.

Second half and the introduction of Ronan saw us raise our game a level. We dominated the possession, we were creating overloads down both flanks and as a result were opening up lots of space in the final third. Where Marshall just clearly wasn't fit, Ronan gave us balance, receiving between the lines but also some composure on the ball as in the first half we kept giving the ball back to them once we won it. When we got the goal it was a completely deserved one, and then we defended really well, not looking panicked at all even when Gabbiadini, Long and Redmond came on. Then we get the all important second to seal it after brilliant play from Zyro and a scrappy finish from Wilson, who made a great run to get himself one on one with the keeper. He may well get on the bench Saturday, he was lively.

Norris - one excellent save and generally pretty composed with his distribution. Great back up to have and could easily break into the first team at some point.

Bennett - solid, nothing spectacular but got about his job OK - 6
Batth - aside from a mad moment which nearly cost us a goal in first half, pretty good. Doesn't move the ball as quickly as Coady but still did a good job in the middle. - 7
Deslandes - I thought he looked quite good in pre-season and he did well again today. Saved us a couple of times and worked well with Vinagre defensively I thought. - 7

Graham - not his fault but he did look uncomfortably, mainly in the first half. He was isolated 2v1 against McQueen and Boufal and they murdered us for about twenty minutes as Marshall just couldn't recover early enough. Linked very well with Ronan but delivery was poor which was a shame - 6
Price - poor in the first half but his performance in the second half made a big difference. Was winning the ball everywhere and combined well with Ronan on a number of times - 7
Edwards - played fairly well. Actually held his position a lot better out of possession than I have seen him do. Won quite a lot of second balls too - 6
Vinagre - my MOTM. What a player this guy is going to be. Reminds me a lot of what Luke Shaw looked like under Poch at Southampton, the way he drives inside. So, so quick. A couple of times where his defending was a bit casual but he will get better with that - 8

Marshall - just off the pace. Some neat touches but his lack of protection really hurt us towards the end of the first half. Was obvious he was coming off at half time. That 45 minutes will have done him a lot of good - 5
Dicko - Looked threatening and a lot sharper than I've seen him for a while but his hold up play was poor and when he got in behind he didn't make the chances count. A shame because he does look so much fitter now. - 6
Cavaleiro - such a quality footballer and baffles me how so many just didn't rate him. We are a much better side with him in it and he is going to be crucial this season. - 7

Ronan - 8 - huge impact. Such a classy footballer and works so hard
Zyro - 7 - looked sluggish until his assist which really woke him up. I've never seen someone look SO happy to contribute towards a goal. He went nuts
WIlson - 7 - scrappy finish but it went in so who cares. Looked sharp too
Ok back at hotel now bit of a strange one really. The game was played for the most part at pre season intensity when they had the ball we were organised and they really struggled to break us down their best success was on their left our right against Graham, I will however say that the winger he was attempting to mark was purchased for 15 million (some perspective)

This certainly wasn't a smash and grab we tried to play football and Price was demanding the ball as often as possible.

Vinagre was a real livewire and made several runs taking players on which often had no end product but my god is there potential there.

The goal was a routine corner Batth winning the header and somehow the guy on the line misses it, a goal none the less and Danny looked untroubled all evening and his passing wasn't too bad.

The 2nd goal was a break involving Vinagre, Cav then Wilson whose shot hit the ground but bundled over the keeper really happy for him.

At the start of the 2nd half Ronan came on and immediately we looked better, he really wants a 1st team spot and it showed. No lack of confidence there an array of good passing, dribbling and movement he beats Vinagre narrowly to MOTM for me.

Norris looks like a very talented young keeper and made 2 key saves the 2nd was brilliant from the angle I was at in the home end, doesn't lack confidence and could replace Ruddy without worry IMO.

Lovely trip to Southampton and a curry to finish, met North Dorset Wolf and Parkin for the first time lovely to meet you both hopefully not the last.

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