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Southampton 0 Wolves 2 - Verdict Thread

Cheers lads. Good to hear on Vinagre, Norris and Zyro.
In fairness to Graham he had a pretty thankless task in the first half going up against Boufal (assuming the highlights above are representative of Southampton's formation). He is an absurd dribbler and will make far more practiced defenders than Graham look bad.

I think Southampton will be asking a lot of questions of themselves about the first goal.
Got back in at 11.45pm after a bloody good evening - good to meet Siggy (& his friend even if he is a Saint's fan), hopefully you managed not to celebrate too much considering where you were sitting

Much of whats been said mirrors my thoughts - Dicko, unfortunately is I think on borrowed time now& not really able to play the CF role in this formation.

Graham is not a WB, though he was up against a very good winger. Vinagr was superb & will be pressing Douglas hard for the shirt, Norris - solid and decisive + 2 very good saves.

Ronan changed the game for us & small though he is really wasn't easy to knock off the ball. Good to see Marshall & Zyro back though both clearly short of game time.

Soton played the wrong game up front as never tried to put balls in behind the CBs for players to run onto & merely kept throwing crosses in which Batth & Bennett will find much easier to deal with.

(NB. Their subs consisted of first team starters, ours was almost without exception out of our U23 squad)
Jeez, how has that first goal gone in? Even after Danny wins it, that ball is not exactly travelling fast. Surely Forster or the guy on the line should have kept it out? Or at least tried to do so?!
Lovely scuffed finish for the second too.

I'm delighted with that victory for our second string too against a strong Southampton team. A few lads might fancy their chances of a start on Saturday, Vinagre and Norris for example?

Dicko though, I agree, is probably on borrowed time.
Apologies for a very weak verdict but only just in and a few beers deep; to echo previous comments on players Vinagre and Ronan were the stand outs. First time I have seen Ronan (first team) and to be honest, wow! This kid is unbelievable, exudes class, strong, decisive, he changed the course of the match because after a bright opening ten minutes if we're being honest they pinned us back comfortably. Vinagre will play at whatever level he wants to, classy, quick, great decision making and strong positioning. I'm not saying stick him in ahead of Douglas but I'm intrigued to see what we do with this kid this year. I liked Norris a lot, if Ruddy looks vulnerable, and he hasn't hugely impressed me so far, try him. Dicko was a bit shit to be honest and Graham was really disappointing given the ball he had in the second half, I wouldn't have him close right now.

Overall though thanks to the boys for turning what I presumed would be a pretty nothing low key night into a great one!
Delighted with this.

Surprised at how few teams from the lower leagues are still in the competition after tonight - just Doncaster and Bristol Rovers, everyone else is Championship or above. No idea who we'll draw but one more win for this to become a proper exciting cup run I reckon. (And if we lose, well, it's just a tinpot trophy, right? Right?)
Will be the obligatory Man Utd away in 3rd round I assume
Shout out to Cav, he looks to be in ridiculously good shape this season.
Also, shout out to Nuno. In the post-match interview he immediately credits the win to our preparation.

This is a man who knows what he's doing.
Excellent draw for us. Probably means no TV but I think we'd have to expect to advance now.
Happy with the draw hopefully we aren't complacent and can progress. Can't wait to see Vinagre again and hopefully Ronan starts next time.

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Paddy is delighted! ;)

He sounds absolutely delighted with the performance. Well in Nuno!
Goodness me, that miss from Dicko where he falls on his arse. Not good. But how good does Vinagre look? Love Barry Douglas but Vinagre looks an outstanding prospect
Goodness me, that miss from Dicko where he falls on his arse. Not good.

Shocker. Clearly expecting it on his right foot and then when it is a left foot chance he gets his legs tangled up and manages to kick himself to the ground. The first one is decent play from him though, great strength to get himself into the shooting chance and I think that was the one Forster tipped round the post
Lovely to see a team and a style regardless of who is picked. Most pleasing. Nuno is stamping his mark on Wolves from the outset and its so far so good. There would have been no shame at all to lose last night but we won and won well. Norris looks an excellent purchase and as a defensive uit there appears more solidity and understanding. There has clearly been work in this area. Batth looks a few pounds lighter and , dare I say it , half a yard quicker. Never thought I would say that.