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Wolves 0-2 Brentford: Verdict Thread

Think that Fulham game was our worst ever PL performance until Brighton away eclipsed it last year.
I walked out of the game that essentially confirmed our relegation under Saunders.

I just didn't want to be in the ground when the whistle went..
Brighton’s quite far isn’t it?
We had about a 0.00001% chance of staying up on the last day. Losing at home to Burnley basically sealed the deal.
Aye, I remember feeling fucked going into that one, and remember feeling it confirmed about two minutes in after LuaLua skinned Doc for the first of about a dozen times that day.

Also recall Brighton support chanting “you stupid bastards, you’ve let your fans down” at our team. Which I always appreciated.
I have no judgment on anyone who chooses to leave early. Their lives, their money.

When I was a kid, I used to go with my Grandad, my Dad and several other family members. We were in the old Molineux St stand and used to park at the small petrol station outside the stand. My Grandad always insisted on leaving 5 mins before the end so he could get home to watch the end of the wrestling and do his pools coupon. Given he won a couple of times, I can understand why but as a youngster, I always wanted to stay to the end.

After that, when going with my friends and family, we might occasionally leave a couple of mins early so we could get into the telecom club and be first to grab a pint! We did stay for the Sheff Utd game though :)
Always get some ridiculous takes on the BBC Wolves page after a game, so much so that you wonder what the ones they declined to publish were like.

Ian: Gary O'Neil has himself to blame, he should've put Hwang Hee-chan in the team. If not in the starting line up, he should've at least been on the substitutions bench.

Yeah, pick an injured player Gary you bloody clown. If he has to go off after ten minutes like Olise for Palace last week then he's got all er, February and March to get over it.

Callum: Terrible, just terrible! Next we've got Spurs away and we've just lost 2-0 to the Bees. If we had won that one, we would be ninth [in the league]. Now we have to focus on Spurs, who are probably going to play better than the Bees. I just think that whenever we play at home now, we're just not looking as dangerous as we used to.

Compared to when, Callum? And also we wouldn't be 9th unless we'd won 4-0. Thank you for pointing out that Tottenham are better than Brentford though.
Late to the chat, but I started this message in response to the original picture at the time but never got chance to finish it after a busy day so may aswell finish it. Anyway…

I left on 94 and I’m not on that photo, so it must have been taken literally right before the whistle. Guys to my right got up and left at 94, stood up to let them past and went to sit back down and thought “I’ll stay to the bitter end”, then thought actually why the fuck am I doing that beyond “I always stay”. Managed to get back 30 mins earlier than usual too.

The game was done, I think we’d just kicked it out of play under no pressure again and they were going to take 30 seconds to take the throw. There was no logical reason to still be there beyond routine. Being there longer was making me more unhappy and wasting my time. And me being there wasn’t going to improve the players or staffs experience.

I’ll never understand people leaving at 80 minutes or whatever (regardless of score!) but that game was done and being there any longer was completely pointless for all the reasons stated.
Yes can see that's you

My last early exit was during the boring Hoddle bore-draw era I think
I'm adding this to Willenhall 1995, Grimsby 2000, Grays 2007, Wrexham 2008 and a Johnstone's Paint Trophy game vs Sunderland in 2016 for my SuperFan points. Can't wait to cash them in.
Stayed to the end vs Brentford in Feb 2024, you'll never sing that

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More or less the same row as you (but more central), we have six tickets together and are still there. Getting out was great as most had already gone and getting served afterwards at the pub was easy as most had either not bothered or were half way down their pint.
Shout out "Mark Rankine was great you know" and you'll quickly locate me. Happy to have a pint some day before the end of the season!
I'm a few seats away from both of you too, although enter through NU1, whereas it looks like you are NU2
Shout out "Mark Rankine was great you know" and you'll quickly locate me. Happy to have a pint some day before the end of the season!
The irony being I didn’t actually mind Shabba. We’ve had way, way worse.
Granted he wasn’t POTY material but we’ve also had worse of those.
Rankine tried had there is no doubting that, he also had a pretty good career after he left us, but he was very limited technically.

Odd that he was bored as an attacking midfielder/forward.