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QPR 1, Wolves 2; The thank goodness for that Verdict Thread

Much better 2nd half then we've had for quite some time, helped by the fact they only had 10 men. We need to be more clinical in front of goal, Nouha needs to get a goal soon and we really need to get to January and sort out that defense
Positives - 3 points,
Negatives - No clean sheet after we were looking comfortable, Ikeme injured, non existent defence at times, we nearly caved in to 10 men at the death, Lambert hasn't yet realised that Saville's shit
We looked more balanced tonight but still devoid of confidence until the first goal. Great to see some balance across the front 3 I could see that doing quite well for us. Thought Cav delivered some lovely crosses but he seemed to be trying a bit too hard tonight needs to calm a bit and pick a pass.

Crap sub I understand him taking Cav off but Saville there invites pressure and we lost balance once more.

Overall happy to win but much work needed.

MOTM Costa just for that goal what a delight

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Not quite sure what to make of that game as a whole. All I'll say for now is 2 great goals and 3 great points. Something to build on.

Saïss MOTM.
Pretty shit game of football (as it often is at this level). Glad for the three points as they were much needed, but hardly impressive.

Much like Zenga, I fail to see much of an identity. I know it is early days but all we have done so far is lump the ball forward at our forward. It's not very thoughtful to say the least from a manager who has gone and studied managers and clubs abroad.

Positives for me were; Saiss, Dicko looking sharper, Iorfa looking more confident and the two goals were of good quality. Apart from that not a whole lot.
Poor first half again even against 10 men, 2 great goals but jeez, hanging on at the end against a poor QPR team. Thought we looked decent from just before the first goal till we conceded.
I am very worried about Cav, really wanted him to do well and cement his place in the team, apart from one decent cross he was poor, running into crowds of defenders and losing the ball and offside a lot when in good positions, trying too hard probably due to lack of game time, still want him to start but did himself no favours.......Saville should not ever play in that position.
Costa......please sign him up permanently, kids quality
We just look so much more solid as a team when he's on the pitch.
People only remember the last things they see :whistle:

A little bit of talking might of helped Saiss out instead of him swinging wildly at the ball he had time to take it under control
Scored two fantastic goals, their goalie made at least two 1-on-1 saves, should have been given a blatant penalty and their goal was controlled by the scorers hand before he put it in.

We got three points away from home and I am really happy with that result. COYW
Have to say Smithee was really really good for QPR, most other goalkeepers and we wouldn't have had to sweat that injury time! Maybe a bit of luck that they didn't equalise but we can't be picky, we really needed to win!

Hopefully Cav gets better with more games that ought to be given to him, he should be less selfish with the ball, but he does seem capable of some trickery! Speaking of which, Costa's second goal was beautiful!
Iorfa is absolutely hopeless defending set pieces on that evidence.

Honestly, we didn't look that far off to me. We need a bunch of new defenders (not news) but I think in midfield we're just one piece away. I would have thought that Oniangue would be that piece (put him in for Coady), but apparently that won't pan out.

I also hope Lambert does nothing but train to defend set pieces this week.
Saiss motm for me, though costa was excellent and that's the best I've seen iorfa play for a while.

Negatives were the saville sub and coady who I thought had a really poor game.

Oh, and we got very lucky with the Doherty handball.
I'm not sure you could really say we played well overall, we had little spells here and there where we looked ok but we are what we are, a team with an ultra shaky defence and two of a three man midfield who have little ability on the ball. Couple that with a striker (whichever one) who's gone ages without a goal and there isn't a huge amount to work with. Undoubtedly the game turned on the red card (Perch is a fucking idiot) and QPR looked a very poor team, Holloway's tactics were diabolical, like he'd just thrown 11 players out there and told them to hope for the best. Conor Washington makes Joe Mason look like signing of the century, so bad. But then for all that, Smithies has made three very good saves, a few more routine ones, we should have had a penalty and a confident side would probably have run up a hammering tonight.

Ikeme: Rocky on crosses early on, didn't have much else to do.

Iorfa: Much better. Stuck to the basics defensively and did some great work for the opening goal because that was a rubbish pass back to him. It can't have been doing him any good to be regularly going through games and making some horrible errors, good to get a match free from any of that as we need him performing at his best.

Batth/Stearman: A mix of skied clearances, getting roughed up now and then by Polter and a few decent clearances here and there. In truth after the red card it wasn't that difficult a game for either of them. Won't have too much of a go at Batth for their goal as it was fortunate that it landed right back at Lynch's feet.

Doherty: Should have given a penalty away first half and while he was part of two key moments - the red card and the first goal - the red comes from him taking a shite touch inside and overrunning it and on the goal he ridiculously overhits the ball back to Iorfa. Should have scored near the end to seal the game, fair play for making the run but a poor finish. We all know he isn't anything like good enough, we desperately need to replace him next month.

Saiss: Makes a big difference to the midfield because he offers an actual physical presence and his range of passing (as showcased for Costa's goal) is way beyond anything else we have. Didn't do well towards the very end but overall this was a good performance.

Coady: Ran around a lot, pressed the ball ok in the first half at times I suppose. Doesn't really contribute that much going either way though.

Edwards: Same verdict as Coady for the first half with an added bad miss from a free header. Played well in the second half. Took his goal very well and got closer to Dicko and the wide players.

Costa: As ever, always a threat (though how defenders haven't worked out yet that he always cuts inside - mind you Jack Robinson is absolutely shite) and an excellent finish for the goal. He's been consistently our best player for three months now which kind of belies the belief that you need "Championship experience", the lad's 22 and turning it on at a freezing Loftus Road.

Cavaleiro: Infuriatingly offside a couple of times when he had no need to be and a couple of poor decisions when in good positions. It's his nice bit of skill which starts everything off for the first goal and just having a genuine threat on both sides helps us so much. It pins their fullbacks in position and gives us options. Revolutionary thinking I know.

Dicko: Worked hard, the pace is still there but he's still obviously working his way back in. We should have been giving him more gametime over the last few weeks, he's still noticeably short. I'm hopeful he'll get back but there's a long way to go.

Subs: Not much to note other than Bod produced one lovely bit of skill then missed the chance which would really have helped him (and us) out.

It was way tenser than it needed to be and QPR are not a good team. We nearly got undone near the end which would have been tragic for our prospects. But we've got that win now, let's hope we get some confidence from it and push on through a fairly moderate run of fixtures for the rest of the year.
Better defensively with Batth and Stearman. Doherty did OK. Iorfa had his best and most solid game for a while. Ikeme was sharp apart from an early fumble. Saiss great for 70 mins then wtf? Dicko tried hard. Edwards was Edwards. With a solid defence and midfield Edwards is an asset. Just not sure he is not a luxury with our current players. Costa great goal.Class. We looked less panicky with ikeme than lonergan. Poor goal conceded again.
Otherwise good to get a win now on to fulham
Ikeme did well so a shame to lose him.

Overall encouraging but still a long way to go