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Wolves 2-2 Villa

The Dave Edwards conundrum continues.

Always likely to pop up with a goal from midfield; is committed and really, genuinely wants us to do well. Works hard. Never going to be everyone's cup of tea but for me, an important player & personality at the club.

So why after 7 years can we STILL not work out his best position?
There is no conundrum, he's not good enough.
Yet he keeps popping up with goals?

Indeed, but the rest of the time we were playing with 10. I felt for Golbourne tonight as he had no outlet at all and two attackers to contend with. And who's to say the player we bring in doesn't score the same goals, Sako did after all.

If KJ really wants to use Edwards it should be as an impact sub not a Sako replacement.
I really do hope that Wallace isn't locked out of the team thanks to his injury, he seems an exciting prospect! Nnothing to do with the game I know but he's just tweeted about the attendance
He scored 6 last season. He contributes very little in play. If he had scored ten plus every season for the last three seasons I could understand people wanting him in the team but he hasn't. Experienced Squad player, yes. Obviously a good pro and leader off the pitch, should never be a regular starter
Yet he keeps popping up with goals?
Exactly. He was prolific last season before he had to be fizzled out. O.k he may not be the most attractive and eye pleasing footballer to watch but as far as the aim of the game goes, he gets the ball in the net at this level.

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Play him as a striker then if all he delivers is goals - play someone who can create chances in midfield...
Could I possibly have read correctly that we bought Wallace for one eighth the cost of Coady??
Liked what i saw in Coady, can pick a pass and not afraid to put a tackle in and didnt go missing even after Clarke nearly broke his leg.
Henry was non existent first half but played well the 2nd half.
Iorfa carried on from last season..Hause not so assured and off the pace in the first half.
Need someone down the left big time...seeing Afobe dropping deep to switch with Edwards constantly isnt the answer.
Friendlies obviously mean nothing but I liked the look of Coady at Burton too. Early days though.
Play him as a striker then if all he delivers is goals - play someone who can create chances in midfield...
He delivers goals from midfield???? If he delivers 7,8,9 goals from midfield along with Afobe and Dickos contribution you cant knock him. Swapping him with one of them is obviously not the answer is it. And if making late runs into the box to get into the scoring positions he does isnt creating chances.........
Im not a massive fan of his either but whatever people think of him you can't knock his effort and goals.

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Nobody is knocking his effort, what they are doing is questioning his use to the team as a left winger
With respect, his use to the team as been questioned for years irrespective of the position he's been asked to play in.