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Wolves v Rotherham - the build up


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Nov 5, 2009
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Same as last season would be terrific.......

This is a game we need to be getting all 3 points from, and Steve Evans' sides don't normally do what Blackpool/Charlton tried to do and stick 11 behind the ball to play for the draw, so I'm confident that will suit us better.

I'd ideally like to see this side:




Van La Parra-------------------------------------------------------------Sako



A rare outing for me at Molineux without Mini Langers so I'm looking forward to the day out, and hopefully 3 points so I don't get bombarded with texts from my family who all come from Rotherham!


Dave Edwards, Nouha Dicko, Stearman and Sam Ricketts were exceptional that day. Brilliant day out in the sun with 30,000 Wolves fans.

I'm going on Saturday as well so hopefully we can have a repeat! Rotherham are a good side and you can never bet against Steve Evans but we really need to be beating them, especially after the Norwich result. Same team as Langers for me although I really don't have a preference between Evans and Price atm.
Ah! Moron central at the end of that game
That 6-4 game remains in my top 5 Wolves matchdays ever. Even with the dickheads invading the pitch at the end. It wasn't just the bizarre game, but the weather, I went with some mates and all brought our sons along, it was marvellous.

And although I'm in the South Bank on Saturday, I promise to behave should we see another 10 goal thriller.
Being at the front of the south bank near the goal that day I came out with an injured shoulder after so many of those morons had climbed over me to get on the pitch.

That Ricketts goal is unbelievable, one of my favourite ever goals for sure!
Golbourne surely has to start and being at home we might be able to get away with Afobe and Dicko starting
Rotherham have a game against Derby tonight. Hopefully they spend most of the night chasing the ball and tiring themselves out. A few injuries and a red card wouldn't go amiss either...
I would go for them same team as Lycan, Golbourne will depend on fitness I guess. I can see Doherty coming back in but I hope Iorfa keeps his place.
This is my season, It's unbearable working in a school in Rotherham when they beat us.
Doherty Henry and Edwards
for me instead of Iorfa Vlp and Afobe
Hoping to come along for this one
Probably won't make this one. Currently in triage at New Cross as the missus's waters broke last night :eek:hnoes:
You can nip out for an hour or 2. She won't mind....