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Wolves 0-0 Blues: The Verdict

Deutsch Wolf

aka Dawn
Oct 16, 2009
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Just about worth a point in the end after hanging on grimly for 20 minutes or so. Better purpose about our play than for much of the season if a bit lacking in quality. For all that I've slated Ikeme this year, he earned us the draw with a top save. Price MOTM.
He was ok, nothing special. Think teams have already wised up to him attacking from left back, too one footed for it to work long term.
Fairly turgid stuff. Another point in our quest for mid-table anonymity, and a spike in Blues play-off guns.

Apart from that, pretty much nothing to write home about.
Did OK to get a point from that - no real attacking threat till Zyro appeared. Hopefully he is felt fit enough for 90 mins next time.

Agree with Price MoTM - moved the ball quickly & to a Wolves player every time which has not been the case always of late
Imo I thought we got away with that considering the chances blues had second half, both teams should have had a penalty.
Real lack of quality throughout, and I'm sorry Siggy works hard but offers very little at times.
If you look at each squad pound for pound Blues shouldn't be any higher than us really they just have a manager getting the most out of his squad.
Siggy was poor today, lucky to not be subbed imo.

Thought Wolves played pretty well - with JP at the heart of all the good stuff we did. Helan looked shattered for the last 25 mins.

KJ is lucky he didn't throw the game away with his lack of subs. The whole team looked leggy and we still kept a sub in reserve!
OK he brought Mason on, but really not sure why he didn't use the other sub in the last 20 mins when we had no real outlet up front

On that performance would have removed Siggy who contributed little today

JP has to be retained - he was the heartbeat of anything good that we did
Didn't watch or pay attention, but Helen might be reaching that stage were the enthuasim of playing/starting more than usual is gone and his lack of match fitness is showing. Sounds like he has been a decent addition though despite my initial skepticism. He someone we reckon we will look at signing permanent?
A proverbial game of two halves.

Doherty made several vital clearances but has been found out, very easy to defend against.

Iorfa shaky again but did offer more going forward

Price very good as was Coady.

Didn't like the chanting at Jackett, and didn't like the so called hard lads throwing coins at each other at the end.
Not sure that Helan has enough quality for us to want to make it permanent, but is a more than useful addition at the moment given the lack of credible alternatives on the left
Not sure what the attendance was, but looked fairly empty (though not as much as at Charlton in the second sky game - could have a whole row to yourself there)
Typical 'playing for nothing' end of season fayre.

Not much quality, no effective link-up play between Siggy and the rest. No real testing crosses. Average passing and movement.

Livened up with a few runs but very mid-table standard stuff. Instantly forgettable.

Blues guilty of a couple of misses.
Blues were the better team IMO
A lucky point gained. Jackett completely ineffectual as ever to effect the game, completely outclassed by Rowett in the second half. Birmingham should of won that easily but must have left their shooting boots at home. Very little attacking threat, Siggy just does not look like scoring. One thing Jackett seems to be right about is Bryne just physical enough for Championship.

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Price our MOTM by quite a distance. Attacking wise i think they were all a much of a muchness whether that be Helan, Byrne, Siggy, Zryo and Mason, no real direction, too far away from anyone else and a lack of threat bar a couple of moments.
Saville was awful, no pace whatsoever.
Saville & Coady did the basics OK, but no real inventivness from either which restricts chances

Not sure that either can be succesful in the playmaker role
Just got in and checked out the matchday thread, seems we are getting somewhere overall but just need to find a way of getting more attacking threat into our game, Zyro seems to have what it takes but we need to find a way of getting Mason involved.