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Wolves 2 - 0 Aston Villa: May we never take this nosebleed for granted.


…unlucky Del - No chance 😉
Nov 30, 2012
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I just said it in the matchday thread, but it bears repeating.

Supporting this team is a privilege at the moment. We are fucking incredible to watch. Barely a nervous moment at the back and the two goals were just superb.

20 shots, 7 on target for us. Just 6 shots and only 1 on target for Villa.

Long may it continue, and we're going right up if it does.
Fucking amazing so much quality throughout the side. Paddy was right, I'm off to get slaughtered yesssssss!!!!

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Full of emotion. Really. It's been a long time since I've followed a Wolves match and felt myself filling up.
They're just getting to be so good. And there's so much to come!
Perfect balance between the players, Nuno and the crowd.

Start the party!
Some of those combinations, moves off the ball, hunger to win the ball back...fucking phenomenal. This is a special young side playing great football, and you can still see room for improvement with some personnel too. We're going to toy with this league all season long
Not sure if it was shown on Sky but over here the replays seemed to show pretty clearly that Jota's header late on went over the line. Too bad Hawkeye was broken.
It's not just the win - it's the manner of it against a team who had had a decent run & have ambition to get promoted as well

Just beautiful
Brilliant stuff. Jota just a thrill to watch. Superb finish from Leo. Like threading a needle with a shotgun!

Weird that Sky didn't show a replay of the header from a goal-line camera when they showed Bonatini's goal using that camera afterwards.

Douglas our worst player today. Poor passing and gave too many free-kick away.
Not sure if it was shown on Sky but over here the replays seemed to show pretty clearly that Jota's header late on went over the line. Too bad Hawkeye was broken.

Haven't seen the replay but that's a bit annoying, glad it didn't decide the game!
Bloody hell we're a good side. Neves and Jota in particular were absolutely outstanding but everyone played well.
I fucking love you Wolverhampton Wanderers.
We are just absolutely brilliant. An insanely good side for this division. We need to just make sure we live up to that and aren't in this shit-tip next season
Not one for hyperbole and I appreciate the bar is low but that is the best performance I've seen in 31 years of supporting wolves.
That was great. Bonatini was class. might have a couple of quid on us winning the league.
5 in 12 now so extrapolating (always a good word to throw in) that over a full season equates to 19 - clearly not the 20 goal striker that we needed

Aye - just loved how he held his run when a lot of 20-goal strikers would have strayed offside.
Had a quick look at some villa forums,opinions range from wolves are the best in the league to they're not that much better than us
And Bruce is building a team to scrape the playoffs,wolves are building a team to compete in the premiership was my fave
We were awesome! Never in doubt really was it? We played them off the park.

Can't think of a single poor performance from anyone today. Thought Miranda, Jota, Neves, Saiss all particularly good!