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Blues 0-2 Wolves: The Verdict

Deutsch Wolf

aka Dawn
Oct 16, 2009
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Cracking win, thought we did a tactical number on them today. Let them have the ball and their lack of any quality meant we'd have plenty of opportunity to play on the break. Willo MOTM.
Williamson never stopped talking , encouraging and organising. Early days but if he keeps playing like that we may have a gem on our hands in both boxes. Byrne had some nice moments to but defensive and midfield organisation was the key today. Adobe still not at the races for me. Edwards did well. Double whammy that Robinson cocked up for the goal love it. I can have a nice weekend now
I thought Williamson was excellent, but I would have given MOTM to Iorfa who was absolutely magnificent.
My prediction was spot on! Great win.

Agree Dan, Kenny got it spot on today, the three in midfield played very well and our wingers gave us good pace going forwards. Key now is if they can keep it up, we've been very inconsistent. Really liked the look of Byrne today, nippy but tidy on the ball!

In the second half we were very dangerous on the break, had Benik had his wheatabix this morning he could have bagged himself a couple.
Yes, thought Iorfa was magnificent too. Good performances from Coady, Byrne and Golbourne too.
Only disappointment today was Afobe. As the game went on, he got more and more frustrated and his head went down. right to sub him, thought ALF may have come on but no grumbles at what Holt did. Thought McDonald, Edwards and Coady worked very well in midfield and were the key today. Williamson had a great game, controlled that defence as if he had been part of it for years.
Dangerous Dave is living up to his tag. He's come into his own a lot more these last few weeks, and is making a fair few of us look cunts. Lets carry on slagging him off because he's certainly coming up trumps for us.
He had a good game today. He isn't any kind of long term answer but that's two decent performances out of two and two goals, fair play.
Reality is that was very routine and comfortable win, 2-0 flatters Blues.
Back four were excellent and KJ got his tactics spot on.
Blues were piss poor but that was mainly down to how we set up, even if they'd performed well I still think we'd have won the game.
Williams motm but I thought Iorfa was excellent at making Gray almost anonymous throughout.
Willo deffo MOTM. Great debut.

We'll play better teams than that though. Blues were shite and had no plan b whatsoever.

Our closing down was very impressive for a change.
The middle three pressed superbly. Really worked well as a unit defensively.
I loved the way we broke with numbers, pace and power. That looked superb.

Blues array of utterly fucking shitehouse freekicks was also hugely amusing. Shut down their wingers, and by extension the supply to Donaldson and Blues look denuded and clueless. They won't stay near the top six over the season.
Splendid. TWF much more pleasant to read than it was a few hours ago!!

I love it when we get one over on those bastards and 3 points and a good performance were so badly needed.
No player worse than a 7 Afobe aside

Edwards Byrne Coady and iorfa an 8

Williamson a 9

A lot of wolves fans looking foolish right now.
I thought Afobe was alright, not his best game though.
Good solid performance. We pressed well the whole game (if only we had done that for the last 15mins v Boro) though in essence B'ham were poor.

Iorfa outstanding - Grey got nothing so switched sides then Maghoma got nothing so went off.

Superb start for Williamson - positional sense was spot on

Afobe completely out of sorts - whilst he didn't get much to work on his touch was poor & right to replace him.

Coady made a number of good blocks without diving in.

Birtles is a knob - only sensible thing he said was wondering whether Usain Bolt had come on when Iorfa outpaced Grey having given him 10yrds start